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Helping Members Grow Their Business, is HTA’s Business

Thanks to the remarkable support and active involvement of its members, The Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA) has been the premier voice of our region’s hospitality & tourism industry since it was established by the leaders of the industry in 1994. Over the years the HTA’s leadership has proudly and relentlessly been vital in efforts that have made our region a premier destination. We are proud to have played a major role in developing the Charlotte Convention Center, the Time Warner Cable Arena, NASCAR Hall of Fame, our fantastic Arts & Cultural Complex, Carolina’s Aviation Museum, the new BB&T Ballpark (home of the Charlotte Knights) and many initiatives that have made the Charlotte region a great travel, event and convention destination.

As a full-time membership association representing a large variety of businesses in the Greater Charlotte area, we have proudly become a major economic development driver for our region and one of the most effective business organizations in the Carolinas. Our mission and specific priorities are simply focused on leading initiatives that are essential in maximizing the bottom lines of all HTA members’ businesses. If you are not a member of our very pro-active and members’ bottom line oriented association, we would love to have the pleasure of working with you in maximizing your business opportunities.

Our region’s hospitality industry, which currently generates nearly $6 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 70,000 people in the Greater Charlotte area, continues to grow and have a large impact on practically all businesses in our region. If you are interested in growing your share of business from this remarkable industry, put us to work for you by joining as a member of the HTA.

As a full-time membership organization solely funded by members, we have proudly been honored to effectively and proactively serve our members for the past two decades by focusing on:

  • Being a visionary leader and a relentless advocate for our region's hospitality and tourism business by leading efforts necessary to group our region's overall economy
  • Leading efforts and proactively participate in initiatives to grow our region's overall economy
  • Continuously building and enhancing relationships with decision makers whose actions are vital in making our region a fantastic place to live, work & visit
  • Proactively addressing our members' specific opportunities and challenges
  • Serving as a great resource for members
  • Providing members with opportunities to build relationships with new customers and enhance existing relationships
  • Providing our members with the absolute best membership meetings and events in the Carolinas and beyond

Partial List of HTA’s Accomplishments
Over the past two decades, the Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA) has proudly and relentlessly been the driving force behind making Charlotte a great destination by being a leader and proactive participant in numerous major projects, development and other initiatives.

HTA’s Top 2017 Priorities
List of the HTA’s specific priorities

Business Development Action Plans for 2017
In order to achieve our mission, see a partial list of the Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance’s (HTA) business development action plans for 2017

HTA's Meeting & Events
With the goal of providing members with the best informational and networking meeting and events in the Charlotte area, HTA's events include:

Quarterly General Meetings that are normally attended by more than 200 people and include a networking reception
HTA’s Annual Dinner & Gala Event which has been attended by over 800 people the past few years and has continually grown over the past 20 years
HTA’s Annual Business Showcase which is co-sponsored by the Charlotte Chamber for more than 15 years. It includes over 150 exhibitors annually with an attendance of over 1,000 business decision makers from the Charlotte area
Annual Candidate’s Reception which has been co-sponsored by the Charlotte Chamber to provide members of the two organizations to meet local candidates of each year and includes a reception
Spring, Summer and Autumn Golf Tournaments

We are proud to have served a large variety of businesses in the Charlotte area for more than two decades, proud of our vast accomplishments and honored to have the most active members as indicated by our remarkably well attended and successful events. Our members’ active involvement is our reward for the work we do on their behalf and are the best testament for the value of our membership.

If you are interested in joining a business development organization whose mission is to “help its members grow their business,” check us out by calling the HTA’s office at (704) 331-0079 or by visiting We welcome the opportunity of serving you and your business.

For membership information please contact Landon Elizabeth White at (704) 331-0079 or